mission statement

Our mission is threefold:
  • To honor God our Creator and Redeemer, in the name of Jesus Christ, through adoring worship and sacrificial service
  • To build up the whole Church of God by encouraging united prayer, nurturing harmonious fellowship, and providing systematic and practical teaching and training for service
  • To show the love of Christ and share the power of God's truth with the world -- every ethnicity and language.
We sometimes refer to the mission as our Worldwide WEB:
  • Worshipping God
  • Equipping followers of Christ
  • Building the Church around the world
Our core values include:
  • Scripture is our source of understanding God and His purposes.
  • A New Testament church is a Spirit-filled church.
  • Every person, a minister; every household, a church.
  • The Great Commission is our mission.
  • Spiritual fruitfulness is our mandate.
  • Unity is our environment.
  • Forgiveness is our attitude.