Our Faith

We are one part of the global Church of Jesus Christ, comprising all who consciously follow Him as their Leader, out of every nation, culture, and language.
We are an Evangelical, Trinitarian, Pentecostal congregation, affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri (click on Our Affiliations, to the left).
The four major tenets of our faith include:
  • Salvation through Jesus Christ, who provided the supreme sacrifice for sin
  • The baptism in the Holy Spirit to empower Christ’s followers for life and service
  • Divine healing for the sick as provided in Christ’s death
  • The second coming of Christ, as He returns for those who follow Him
While the Assemblies of God is noted for its distinctive belief in the Holy Spirit baptism and His gifts, the primary message of our church is redemption: through personal, practical faith in Jesus Christ, who suffered and died in the place of us all, every person may find forgiveness, salvation, and eternal relationship with God.
We believe that the experience of God’s mercy creates a conduit of divine blessing that overflows to others in acts of mercy, love, and service. The church exists to make Christ known both by living according to and proclaiming His words.
We welcome you to follow Him with us!